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Sermons by Rabbi Safra

The following are selected sermons given by Rabbi Michael Safra on holidays and special occasions.

Rosh Hashanah – Words Matter by Rabbi Michael Safra
Kol Nidre – On Jewish Unity by Rabbi Michael Safra
Yom Kippur – Twice a Week by Rabbi Michael Safra
Purple Shabbat – We Must Not Remain Indifferent by Rabbi Michael Safra
Pluralism, February 1 Sermon by Rabbi Michael Safra

Rosh Hashanah – Slow Down and Live by Rabbi Michael Safra
Kol Nidre – Standing with Israel…in the Tragic Gap
Yom Kippur – Overcoming the Fear of Death
Solidarity Shabbat in Memory of the Victims in Pittsburgh
March 29, If You Play with Fire
To Be Truly Free, May 25, 2019

Lo T’Ametz Levav’kha, Shabbat Re’eh 5779


Ki Tavo 5778 – Joyfulness Means Awareness
History Points to the Future
In Memory of Rabbi Neil Gillman
Yom Kippur – Memories Can Change Us for the Better
Kol Nidre – A Space for Me to Lodge
Rosh Hashanah – We Will Not Be Lost
And These Are the Layers – Parashat Mishpatim 
Context Matters – Parashat Shelah


Rosh HaShanah – Experience God in All Your Ways
Kol Nidre – A Nation of Dreamers
Yom Kippur – The Value of Memory
Parashat Lech Lecha – Let Us Not Separate
Fake Tears – Parashat Bo
Block Out the Darkness; Make Room for Light – Parashat Shoftim 5778


Rosh HaShanah – Celebrating Our Sacred Community
Kol Nidre – I Have No Other Homeland
Yom Kippur – Slow to Anger, Quick to Forgive
Parashat Ha’azinu 5776 – You Can Observe a Lot Just by Watching
From Mourning to Memory – Shemini Atzeret 5776
Our Eternal Connection to the Land – Lekh Lekha 5776
Shabbat Hagadol 5776: Focusing on the Essence
Parashat Re’eh 5776 – They Make it Look so Easy


Parashat Vayetze – Love Languages
Parashat Toldot – We Cannot Afford to Wait
Parashat Lech Lecha – Why Should We Care about Ancient Stories?
Shabbat Breishit – The Good Must Be Stronger than the Bad
Yom Kippur – The Broken and the Whole
Kol Nidre – We are Israel
Rosh Hashanah – You Shall Be a Blessing




Rosh Hashanah – Derekh Eretz
Kol Nidre – The Meaning of Humility
Yom Kippur – The Power of Tears
Parashat Vayera  – Our Community’s Near Death Experience
Shabbat Beshalah – From Complainment to Fulfillment
Parashat Terumah – Fill the Seats
Parashat Pekudei – Nothing Is Perfect
Parashat Tazria – Choose Life
Parashat Re’eh – There Shall Be No Needy Among Us
Parashat Ki Tetze – Justice and Mercy


Rosh Hashanah – Finding Satisfaction from the Inside Out
Kol Nidre – I Engage
Yom Kippur – Engaging in Active Prayer
Ki Tissa – Sin of Excess
Shabbat HaGadol – The Power of Empathy
Korah – Speak Up
Nitzavim/Vayelekh – The Torah Is Not in Heaven
Parashat Vayyigash – For the Unity of the Jewish People


Rosh Hashanah – Being Jewish is Doing Jewish
Kol Nidre – More than Facts
Yom Kippur – God in Process
Parashat Yitro – Reflections on My Visit to Israel
Shabbat Zachor – Protecting the Ones on the Margin
Parashat Shemini – Interpret, You Shall Interpret
Ki Tavo – Mitzvot and Kavanah
Parashat Shemot – Celebration of Ten Years at B’nai Israel


Rosh Hashanah – Living with a Mitzvah Mindset
Kol Nidre – The Language Gap
Yom Kippur – Maintaining Faith in a Broken World