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Bedikat Hametz—The Search for Hametz, and Bi’ur Hametz—Burning Hametz

Thursday, March 25, 2021 12 Nisan 5781

All Day

Bedikat hametz, or “the search for leavened bread,” typically takes place the night before Erev Passover. When Passover falls on Saturday night, as it does this year, we search on Thursday evening. The search for leavened bread takes place this year on Thursday evening, March 25, after sunset.

Members of the family, equipped with a lighted candle, go from room to room gathering crumbs of bread to ensure that the house has been cleansed of all hametz. Many families have a custom of hiding pieces of bread in order to guarantee that something may be found. 

On Saturday, March 27th (Erev Passover), hametz cannot be eaten after 10:45 AM. Hametz is to be destroyed by 11:59 AM. No hametz is to be consumed after that time, for the duration of the holiday.

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Wed, January 20 2021 7 Shevat 5781