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Gold Kippah Honor Society

Our Gold Kippah Siddur presents the prayers that children learn for the Honor Society, arranged by level. The siddur includes a booklet, a PDF with sound, and a CD. The siddur is distributed to all Talmud Torah students in grades 3–7. Others are invited to pick up a free copy from the Education Office.

audio files


“The Gold Kippah Honor Society motivated my children to go to shul on Shabbos and has laid the groundwork for them to be future Jewish leaders.” – Bobby E.

“We loved watching our daughter learn the prayers and gain the confidence to lead them during Junior Congregation and even in the main sanctuary!”- Alan F.

“The program has been a great motivator for my two children to learn and master many different Hebrew prayers and blessings. They are especially excited when they reach a new level in the program and earn a new colored kippah.” – Bonnie A.

“We are so proud of how proficient they are becoming, and, more importantly, we love to see how proud they are of themselves with each new sticker earned and each new level attained.” – Julie B.

Sat, June 19 2021 9 Tammuz 5781