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B’nai Israel wishes everyone a meaningful and safe Pesah! Our celebrations will look different this year, but we will continue to tell the story of our exodus from Egypt l’dor v’dor.

Pesah (Passover) 2020

Passover is Zeman Heiruteinu, the Season of Our Freedom from Slavery in Egypt. The highlight of the festival is the Seder, the ritualized “retelling” of the story of the Exodus. We are guided by special songs, foods, and symbols – including matzah (unleavened bread), maror (bitter herbs), haroset (a tasty dish of apples, nuts, and wine), 4 cups of wine, and more. In preparation for the holiday, Jews take special care to clear their houses of hametz (leaven), which cannot be consumed throughout the eight-day festival. The liturgy of the first day of the holiday includes Tefilat Tal, the Prayer for Dew upon the conclusion of the rainy season in Israel. Services on the last day include the Yizkor memorial prayers, and each daily service includes a special Torah reading.


PESAH 2020 resources

minyan resources for pesach 2020

Source Sheet for Rabbi Safra’s Presentation on Passover Day 1, Thursday, April 9

Source Sheet for Rabbi Berkowitz's presentation on Passover Day 2, Friday, April 10

Click for Pesah Torah Readings (readings located at the bottom of page)


SUGGESTED sEDER READINGS AND PRAYERS minyan resources for pesah 2020

Prayer for Hope Written by Naomi Levy

AJC Haggadah Supplement: A Passover Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus

A Special Prayer for Healing at Our Passover Tables Written by Dr. Erica Brown, Director of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership at The George Washington University



Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide

Kashrut Recommendations for Passover 5780 in Light of COVID-19

Streaming Seder–CJLS guidelines for streaming of sedarim

SEDER2020: Looking for a Seder? OneTable has created a new site to stream your seder or join a seder. 

Mekhirat Hametz – Selling of Hametz Click this link to grant Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz permission to sell your hametz on your behalf.

B’dikat Hametz—The Search for Hametz, and Bi’ur Hametz—Burning Hametz

Siyyum Bekhorim—Siyyum for the First-Born

Large Print Haggadot From the Jewish Braille Institute of America

Passover Music by Cantor Josh Perlman 



We understand that many people have questions related to this unprecedented situation and the celebration of Passover. We invite you to join us (and view the recordings) for the following workshops and celebrations:

  • Kid-Focused Seder Workshop with Arielle Katzel. Small seder this year? That’s the perfect opportunity to design an experience around your kids’ interests! Spend some time with Arielle as she shares some of her ideas (activities are best for children ages 4-11). You can view the recording of this session in the B'nai Israel Facebook group.
  • Seder Song Swap, with Cantor Josh, Cantor Bolts, and Netta Asner. You can view the recording of this session by clicking here. 
  • Model Seder (Beginner), with Rabbi Safra. You can view the recording of this session by clicking here.
  • Leader’s Guide (Intermediate/Advanced), with Rabbi Berkowitz. Click here for the recording on Facebook Live. Click here to access the slide presentation
  • Pre-School Model Seder. Children in the Schilit Nursery School and beyond are invited for a short, interactive model seder with the clergy. Break the Matzah, sing songs, and show off how ready you are for the big holiday! 
  • Thursday, April 9, at 6:30 PM, Join The Perlman Family for their Second Night Seder: You are cordially invited to join B'nai Israel Congregation in Rockville MD, Congregation Beit Shalom in Monroe Township NJ, and Temple Ner Tamid in Peabody MA for an online Passover 2nd Seder. The Perlman Brothers Rabbi Eli, Rabbi Richard and Cantor Josh, will lead the Seder. 
    Click here for more event information.
    Click here to access the Perlman Brother's Second Night Seder.
  • Pesah Panorama Family Engagement Contest
    Submit your design by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 15!  
    Always wanted to make a million origami frogs raining down on dolls? Love building pyramids out of cups or blocks? Like making a red sea parting out of food? Want to make a hailstorm in a bottle? This is the project and competition for you - bring your creativity and work with your whole family to create a 3-D diorama of any scene from the Pesah story! Please post your project in the B’nai Israel Facebook Group or email Arielle Katzel at by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 15th to be counted in the competition! Click here to watch Arielle launch the contest and provide ideas and inspiration on Facebook Live.

Online haggadot

For this year’s COVID-19 emergency, Haggadahs-R-Us is offering free downloads of several hagaddot. Click here for more information.

Learn about the history and structure of the Haggadah at Check out these online Haggadah resources:

Traditional Haggadah by Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner. Find other Passover materials including song parodies at his site,

Abbreviated Haggadah from Combined Jewish Philanthropies in Boston.

 Make your own Haggadah at

Feast of Freedom Passover Haggadah The Feast of Freedom is available in full as a free PDF. Print copies may be purchased here.


Tue, October 27 2020 9 Cheshvan 5781