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High Holiday Adult Learning Opportunities

Take a break from the “service of the heart” to engage your mind in timely discussion. Discussion topics and leaders will be announced in advance. No advance registration is required to attend these discussions.


Bridging the Divide Between American and Israeli Jews: A Dialogue with Tzachi Levy and Tamar Sommer
Monday, September 10
12:00–12:45 PM
Why is the relationship so important? Where are the fissures? What does the future hold? Tzachi Levy is the Jewish Agency Senior Shaliach (Emissary) to the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and Tamar Sommer is B’nai Israel’s Congregational Shlicha (emissary). Her presence at B’nai Israel is made possible by a partnership between the congregation and the Federation in which both provides financial and other resources to support her work in the community.


Forecasting the Midterms: What Are Jews Thinking about in 5778? with Jonathan Salant
Wednesday, September 19
12:30–1:15 PM
As our country gears up for mid-term elections, what are the biggest issues facing the Jewish community? Is Israel becoming a wedge issue that threatens to further divide the Jewish community, along with the rest of the electorate? How might the new tax law affect Jewish institutions and the charitable giving they rely on? Is antisemitism on the rise, and is there something we can do about it? What’s at stake for the president and the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties?

Jonathan D. Salant has been an award-winning political reporter in Washington for 30 years. Currently, he is the Washington correspondent for the Star-Ledger of New Jersey and the website NJ.com. A former president of the National Press Club, he is a member of B’nai Israel with his wife Bonnie Cole and their son Isaac, serves co-coach of the synagogue’s softball team, and moderates the Men’s Club’s biennial political forum.


A Tribe in Space with Ted Oded Avraham, Founder of Jewish Student Satellite Initiative (JeSSI)
Wednesday, September 19
1:30–2:15 PM
In 1961, the world was astonished by Israel’s claimed achievement of reaching the edge of space with an Israeli-made rocket. No matter that the effort failed—the military deterrence value of representing it as a successful launch was quite useful. Today, Israel’s substantial space program has progressed only to the point of unmanned launches. Jews may have participated in the space programs of other countries, through which posed interesting questions of observance in the unusual setting of outer space. While some traditions can easily be practiced in outer space, others require considerable adaption to microgravity and low-oxygen environment.

Ted Oded Avraham is the founder of the Jewish Student Satellite Initiative (JeSSI). JeSSI aims to gather US-based Jewish and Israeli teenagers around a collaborative space-technology challenge: to assemble, launch, and operate a real satellite. JeSSI’s Fall 2018 program will open on October 9. For more information go to www.JeSSIcommunity.org.


Forgiving without Forgetting with Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz
Wednesday, September 19
3:00 PM
The adage “forgive and forget” is not prescribed by the Jewish tradition. It is part of the High Holiday season to consider the individuals to whom you wish to grant forgiveness, but that does not mean that you forget what they have done. We can forgive others and repair our relationships with them, but we are not obliged to cast off all memories of the hurt they caused. The High Holidays offer us a time to witness the transformative power of forgiveness and teshuvah (repentance), while also facilitating spiritual healing.


Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Michael Safra
Wednesday, September 19
4:00 PM
Rabbi Safra looks forward to responding to your queries at what has become an exciting Yom Kippur tradition. Please submit your question by email by Friday, September 14.  If there is time, questions may also be asked from the floor.

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B’nai Israel is proud to be accessible to all.

Large print siddurim, assistive listening devices and page magnifiers are readily available. Our entire building and grounds are wheelchair accessible. We can provide sign language interpreters upon request and subject to availability.