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Pesah (Passover) 2023

Passover is Zeman Heiruteinu, the Season of Our Freedom from Slavery in Egypt. The highlight of the festival is the Seder, the ritualized “retelling” of the story of the Exodus. We are guided by special songs, foods, and symbols—including matzah (unleavened bread), maror (bitter herbs), haroset (a tasty dish of apples, nuts, and wine), 4 cups of wine, and more. In preparation for the holiday, Jews take special care to clear their houses of hametz (leaven), which cannot be consumed throughout the eight-day festival. The liturgy of the first day of the holiday includes Tefilat Tal, the Prayer for Dew upon the conclusion of the rainy season in Israel. Services on the last day include the Yizkor memorial prayers, and each daily service includes a special Torah reading.


Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide

The Pesah Guide for 5783 is now available, including an addendum with additional insights for this year. 

Online resources

Large Print Haggadot From the Jewish Braille Institute of America

Learn about the history and structure of the Haggadah at Check out these online Haggadah resources:

Traditional Haggadah by Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner. Find other Passover materials including song parodies at his site,

Make your own Haggadah at

Feast of Freedom Passover Haggadah The Feast of Freedom is available in full as a free PDF. Print copies may be purchased here.

Passover Music by Cantor Josh Perlman 



“Taste of Israel” Series Workshop #3: My Mom’s Original 5-Colored Matzah Balls
Thursday, March 23
7:30–9:00 PM

Join Uriel Lin, Congregational Shlicha, for a workshop as we prepare for our yearly Passover seders. Uriel will talk about her family while walking you through her mom’s recipe for matzah balls in 5 colors.

The Missing Story of the Haggadah with Rabbi Joshua Cahan
Sunday, March 26
10:30 AM

We will explore why the Haggadah never actually “Tells the Story” and reassess how the crafters of this text actually understood the mitzvah of “You shall tell your children.” Then we will look at a few key sections to see how they fit together to chart out a compelling and powerful emotional journey. Including yes, we DO answer the question(s)–4 times! and, The Goat should have had the last laugh!

Art for your Seder with Jeanette Kuvin-Oren
Thursday, March 30
7:30 PM
Zoom Event

Jeanette will share ideas for enhancing the beauty and interactivity of your seder. Ideas for all age groups and all skill levels will range from art projects to games and special foods.


Passover Package Delivery: Project Hope
Sunday, April 2
9:00 AM–2:00 PM

Help deliver Passover packages to seniors in the Rockville area.

Siyyum Bekhorot
Wednesday, April 5
8:00 AM

Participate in this annual event to exempt oneself from the “Fast of the Firstborn” on this day before Passover. The learning session will be followed by a hametz breakfast!

Matzah Brei Mania
Thursday, April 6
10:30 AM

What would Pesach be without matzah brei? Join us in the kitchen to crumble, mix and fry the matzahs. After we eat our yummy creations, join us for a short youth service.

Second Night Congregational Seder with Cantor Josh
Thursday, April 6
6:30 PM

Celebrate our freedom with your B’nai Israel family at this congregational seder, led by Cantor Josh Perlman. A traditional, lively, and song-filled seder will include a delicious meal and the greatest humor of our very own Cantor Josh.

Pesah Pizza Party for Kiddush
Friday, April 7
12:00 PM

Join us during kiddush for this annual tradition for the whole congregation. Make your own matzah pizza with your favorite toppings.

Tots Passover Party
Wednesday, April 12
10:30 AM

Families with young children (Pre-K and younger) are invited to celebrate the seventh day of Passover together with our B’nai Israel community. We will snack on your favorite Passover treats, sing the best Passover songs, and celebrate our freedom from Pharaoh!

service times & candlelighting


Wed, February 1 2023 10 Shevat 5783