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Siddur Shema Yisrael- students who completed Grade 3 in 2021 or earlier should have a personal copy of this siddur that they received at their Haggigat HaSiddur. Students who were in 3rd grade in 2022-2023 or 2023-2024 received the siddur Mikdash M'at, which is currently used in Family Minyan. We are in the process of transitioning to a different siddur in Talmud Torah, The Koren Youth Siddur, which 2023-2024 3rd graders will receive.

5th & 6th Grade Trope

  • To Review Trope, students can use the Cantilation Cafe which they use during class.

Gold Kippah Program

Click here to learn about our revamped Gold Kippah Program and for the updated Gold Kippah prayers and audio files.

Karaoke-style video playlists for learning Tefillot, prayers. Other grades coming soon!

3rd Grade Tefillot

4th Grade Tefillot

5th Grade Tefillot

6th Grade Tefillot

How to say the Amidah


Quizlet Flashcards, Review Videos and Apps

Aleph Bet flashcards
Nikud (Vowel) video
Alef Bet Bullseye (iPhone/iPad game)
Duolingo Hebrew Learn conversational Hebrew

Israel Resources

Resources for talking with children and teens about the situation in Israel can be found here

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