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Virtual Talmud Torah 2020-21

Our final Sunday Zoom class session is Sunday, June 6. We look forward to seeing everyone in person in September!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade 
Sundays, 9:30-11:30 AM

Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Morah Rebecca Baras 
2nd Grade, Morah Hava Anderson 
2nd Grade, Morah Danya Levy

Ometz Lev Projects- find the videos here.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Sunday Class Updates (week of 5/23/21)

K/1st Grade

We enjoyed a great outdoor day at B'nai Israel, as we sang, learned Hebrew with our Hebrew Through Movement friends and decorated our community t-shirts.

No Class over Memorial day Weekend.

Please make sure that each week your child has the following items for class:

-regular pencils, crayons and/or markers 
-glue (liquid glue and glue stick)
-children’s scissors
-masking or duct tape
-white computer paper (per session 10 pieces) (size - 8.5 x 11 inches)   
-various colors of construction paper (per session 5 to 10 pieces) (size - 8.5 x 11 inches) 
-white card stock paper (per session 5 pieces), (size 8.5 x 11 inches) OR 
cardboard pieces taken from a box (per session 3 pieces) ((size 8.5 x 11 inches)
-home items that can be used for decorations (i.e. buttons, wrapping paper, small gluing items, pom poms, etc.)  
-water colors (optional)
-stickers (optional) 
-colored pencils (optional) 

Please make sure that each week, your child has a computer, without restrictions, that they can have access to any applications that the teacher may want to play that day, i.e. Kahoot
We may on occasion play Kahoot or another game which might be more optimal (not mandatory) with a second device. Please have the second device handy if your child prefers to use a different device, instead of switching screens. 

Note: We may not use all of these items per session, but this list is provided for you for your convenience. 

Please check with the office, if you have not picked up your child's packet, when would be a good time to do this. Thank you!


2nd Grade (Anderson)

We had a great time having class outside!

No Class over Memorial day Weekend.

2nd Grade (Levy)

We had so much fun having class outside!

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend.

3rd - 6th Grade 
Judaics - Sundays, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM
Hebrew - Tuesday or Wednesday in small groups beginning at 4:00 PM

3rd Grade Judaics, Morah Netta Asner-Minster 
3rd Grade Hebrew, Morah Luisa Moss 
4th Grade Judaics, Adam Faleder 
4th Grade, Rabbi Daniel Braune-Friedman (Sunday Judaics/Tuesday Hebrew)
4th Grade Hebrew, Morah Dalia Sumner (Wednesday)
5th Grade Hebrew, Morah Anat Kenig 
5th Grade Judaics, Morah Luisa Moss 
6th Grade Judaics, Morah Jill Epstein 
6th Grade Judaics, Moreh Aaron Berner
6th Grade Hebrew, Morah Jill Epstein 

SUNDAY CLASSES- Grades 3-6 Judaics Teacher Updates (week of 5/23/21)

3rd Grade Judaics 

This past week we began to summarize the material we learned this year. We started with all we learned in the Labriut material- with the terms Sukkat Shalom, Ometz Lev and Kehillah. We also visited Eilat and went over the different places that we visited in Israel.

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend!

For the next and final class we will be doing a summarizing Kahoot, so please make sure that your child has an additional device or a way to do kahoot.  This will fill up the bulk up the time and it is essential that they will be able to participate. Please let me know if there are any issues and happy to assist. 


4th Grade (Faleder)

We reviewed how the holiday of Shavuot was connected to the other high holidays.  While the holiday of Shavuot may be a holiday that is not as celebrated by some as much as Sukkot and Passover, it is nonetheless a holiday that can´t be ignored.  We intertwined the weekly parsha into our discussion of the mishkan, about honoring Hashem and seeing the torah as a source of providing us with a guide as to how we should act in the world towards others and to ourselves.

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend!
4th Grade Judaics (Braune-Friedman)

This week in Talmud Torah we discussed Parshat Naso and Baseless Hatred.  We also did some tefillah together including Havdallah and the Shema.

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend!

5th Grade Judaics (Moss)

This week we concluded our K'hillah module.  We did several activities to explore commonalities among our group as a way to strengthen the bond among the class even if we are apart on Zoom. 

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend!

6th Grade Judaics (Epstein) Parshat B' heavy was the MISHKAN? Why? Who carried it? Responsibilities to animals..tzar baalei chayim. Ended with our own tefillah.

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend!

6th Grade Judaics (Berner)

Together as a group we studied short summaries of 3 different parshiot, paying special attention to what message we could take away for a D'var Torah. 
We also welcomed Rabbi Berkowitz for Tefillah and learned a bit about how the Shabbat Service is structured!

Worksheet for Writing a D'var Torah
List of Torah Readings

No Class over Memorial Day Weekend!

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY CLASSES- Grades 3-6 Hebrew Teacher Updates (6/1 & 6/2)

Review Hebrew using these Quizlets:
Join the Quizlet Class
Access each quizlet individually with these links:

3rd Grade Hebrew (Moss)

This week played several games to review Modeh Ani and solidify our vowel and letter skills. Have a great summer!

Please send us pictures of your 3rd grader/family from Haggigat haSiddur with your new siddur!


4th Grade Hebrew (Braune-Friedman) We reviewed Adon Olam and Friday night Kiddush.  I will send a review packet out for the summer as I strongly suggest reviewing over the summer.


4th Grade Hebrew (Sumner) Being the final lesson for this year the students shared they thought about it and about their summer plans. We also played games related to some of the blessings we learned throughout the year.  
5th Grade Hebrew (Kenig) A good bye note to parents: It was a true pleasure teaching your child this school year. We have accomplished a lot via Zoom and I have got to know each of my students in his/her personal surroundings. I highly recommend for each student to practice reading the prayers over the summer months as well. Wishing you all a safe and fun summer vacation. Morah Kenig


6th Grade Hebrew (Epstein)

For our last week of Talmud Torah, we are doing everyone's favorite prayer. We also discussed what we accomplished in Kitah Vav. We ended with a folktale, The Scratched Diamond, using the theme from Pirkey Avot: "Turn it, and turn it, for everything is in it."

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your children this year!

6th Grade Hebrew (Sumner) Being the final week for this year I asked the children to share their thoughts and feelings about the end of the year and to share about  their plans for the summer. We also reviewed the tefillah Ashrei through a game.  



5th & 6th Grade Trope

To Review Trope, students can use the Cantilation Cafe which they use during class.

Hebrew Specialists

Students are assigned to specific days and times, recurring weekly. 

Morah Miriam Joseph Students have individual times and Zoom links.
Morah Cherie Holmes Students have individual times and Zoom links.

Noar B'Yachad Grades 7-12
Tuesdays, 6:00-7:45 PM

For all Noar B'Yachad information, click here


Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782