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Virtual Talmud Torah

Teacher updates/communications are posted below. Google Classroom is now being used only for Zoom links and during classes, not for teacher communications to parents.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade 
Sundays, 9:30-11:30 AM

Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Morah Rebecca Baras 
2nd Grade, Morah Hava Anderson 
2nd Grade, Morah Danya Levy

Ometz Lev Projects for Kindergarten/1st Grade

All of the Ometz Lev instructional videos can be found on this playlist.

3/4/21 Hi Kindergarten & 1st Grade Families! Our newest Ometz Lev Video, for the Scent Bag, is posted now!

2/27/21 Hi Kindergarten & 1st Grade Parents! The Ometz Lev Tactile/Squishee Ball Project is on the sidebar of this page.

1/31/21 Hello, K/1 parents! The Ometz Lev Feelings Cards video is in the sidebar of this page.

This is the instruction video for the Ometz Lev jar project. We would love to hear how you use it and of course, we love seeing pictures of your work. Additional Tip: Before putting the lid on the jar, dry the edge of the jar and the lid and put glue around the edge before closing, preferably with a non-water soluble glue such as super glue or Gorilla glue.

Any questions or pics can be sent to Rabbi Penina at

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Sunday Class Updates (week of 3/7/21)

K/1st Grade

Our class made Afikomen bags. We also had a fun time playing a Kahoot game as we reviewed and finished up our Ometz Lev module.


There is a pick-up for the next module - supplies and other items regarding Passover. Please check the Kehillah email for pickup days and times!

Please have your child bring the following to class on Sunday, March 14:
Seder Plate items:
Any disposable heavy type plate or a piece of cardboad that comes from a box (could be cut into a circle like a plate but not necessary) (If it stays like a square, then it should be big enough to place decorative seder plate items on it). Any decorative items found at home, white or colored paper, glue, scissors, markers, crayons, pencils,  water-colors (only if you already have them), tape, stickers (only if you have at home). 
Supplies to make Haroset- Ingredients:
•1-2 medium apples (peeled, cored, and sliced)
•up to 1 teaspoon cinnamon
•1 teaspoon sweet red juice
Please make sure that the apples are cut up before class.

Please enjoy making the Scent Bag for your Ometz Lev tool bag!


2nd Grade (Anderson)

This week we continued to learn our Hebrew letters and vowels. This week we learned the Hebrew letter “sideways” tsadee as well as the vowel chirik. 
Passover is coming soon! We continued to investigate Passover through building Passover Lego scenes, a 20 questions game, singing along to Miriam’s song and the 4 Questions and reading a book about the story of Passover. 

For next week please have the following (all from the bag pick up this week)

*BINGO sheets
*pillow stuffing
*felt pieces

In addition they will need 

2nd Grade (Levy)

Today we talked about the Passover seder and the traditions you might have! Ask your children to tell you about some of the plagues.

Watch the Maccabeats video of Dayenu that we listened to in class!

Don't forget to go and pick up materials from B'nai Israel this week!  

3rd - 6th Grade 
Judaics - Sundays, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM
Hebrew - Tuesday or Wednesday in small groups beginning at 4:00 PM

3rd Grade Judaics, Morah Netta Asner-Minster 
3rd Grade Hebrew, Morah Luisa Moss 
4th Grade Judaics, Adam Faleder 
4th Grade, Rabbi Daniel Braune-Friedman (Sunday Judaics/Tuesday Hebrew)
4th Grade Hebrew, Morah Dalia Sumner (Wednesday)
5th Grade Hebrew, Morah Anat Kenig 
5th Grade Judaics, Morah Luisa Moss 
6th Grade Judaics, Morah Jill Epstein 
6th Grade Judaics, Moreh Aaron Berner
6th Grade Hebrew, Morah Jill Epstein 

SUNDAY CLASSES- Grades 3-6 Judaics Teacher Updates (week of 3/7/21)

3rd Grade Judaics 

This past class we summarized the Ometz Lev material which we have been covering over the past 2 months. We spoke about the strength of the heart and dealing with 'big feelings' moments in the best way possible.

In addition, we also had our introduction to 'Haggigat haSiddur', celebration of the siddur, along with Rabbi Penina. We explored the Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv services, understanding their purpose, as well as looking into two of the prayers which the 3rd graders will be leading in May. This is beginning a process which will end in May during which we will cover prayers and the tefilla elements to prepare them for this special occassion. 

Next week we will be traveling to Jerusalem and beginning to prepare for Pesach.

Mark your Calendars:  Parent Program with Rabbi Safra on March 11 (evening) and Haggigat haSiddur Ceremony on May 7.

4th Grade (Faleder) Today we talked about the challenges of the year with Covid and the ways that the children and families have had to adjust to a change in what they were used to.  We compared that to the challenges faced by the Israelites as they left what they knew about Egypt into a place that was quite unfamiliar to them.  We continued talking about the building of the Mishkan and the honor of donating to its construction.

Register for 4th Grade Havdalah & Movie Under the Stars here

4th Grade Judaics (Braune-Friedman)

This week we began speaking about Passover, specifically the 4 children, while practicing our active listening skills.  We also discussed the purpose and definition of a mitzvah.

Register for 4th Grade Havdalah & Movie Under the Stars here

5th Grade Judaics (Moss)

Today we continued our discussion of Ometz Lev and discussed how our biblical ancestors used their Ometz Lev tools to deal with challenging situations.

Make sure to bring your siddur for Tefillah!

We will be ending class at 10:30 AM this Sunday and your children will join you for the 5th Grade B'nai Mitzvah Program.

6th Grade Judaics (Epstein) Today we tackled Parshat Terumah...Building of the Tabernacle (mishkan). We discussed the concept of a holy place/synagogue that traveled from place to place. We have divided into groups to have creative ways to learn about the parsha. Please remind your students to turn on their cameras during class. Thank you!
6th Grade Judaics (Berner)

In small groups, we helped each other fill out the top two sections ("Torah Portion" & "Haftarah Portion") on the "Writing a D'var Torah" worksheet. We used the second link ( to find our portion. Please keep these links handy, we'll be using them over the next few weeks!  

Worksheet for Writing a D'var Torah
List of Torah Readings

Please remember to bring Siddur Sim Shalom to classto use for Tefillah.



TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY CLASSES- Grades 3-6 Hebrew Teacher Updates (3/2 & 3/3)

Review Hebrew using these Quizlets:
Join the Quizlet Class
Access each quizlet individually with these links:

3rd Grade Hebrew (Moss) This week we learned the letter looks a lot like Shin but the dot is on the left side! We learned a fun tune for V'shamru.

Mark your Calendars: 3rd Grade Siddur Secrets Program on March 7, Parent Program with Rabbi Safra on March 11 (evening) and Haggigat haSiddur Ceremony on May 7.

4th Grade Hebrew (Braune-Friedman) Today we had fun looking at English cognates in Hebrew.  Don't forget to register for the 4th Grade Havdalah and Movie Under the Stars Program on Saturday, March 13 at 7:00 PM. Practice cognates with this Quizlet!
4th Grade Hebrew (Sumner) This week we continued to learn about Shabbat blessings and we practiced reading. Don't forget to register for the 4th Grade Havdalah and Movie Under the Stars Program on Saturday, March 13 at 7:00 PM. Review using the Quizlets!
5th Grade Hebrew (Kenig) This week, we practiced Kedushah on pg. 118 in the Siddur . In our class Discussion, students have shared how looks and sounds for each of them a holy place in nature as well as, the holiness of the 4 elements of the universe.

Practice the Kedushah.

6th Grade Hebrew (Epstein)

Today we worked backwards from blessings after the Haftorah all the way back to Ein Kamochah. Students felt empowered when they realized how much they knew.

There are many great videos on YouTube for practicing the brachot!
6th Grade Hebrew (Sumner) This week we  practiced singing the tefillah "Ashrei. We also went over the vocabulary from a short story called "Lo Ani" from he book Shalom Ivrit.  





All families have received an invitation or an access code for Google Classroom. Zoom links for K-6 classes are in Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at or Leydi at

5th & 6th Grade Trope enrichment

Trope Enrichment is on Sundays, from 11:40 AM-12:20 PM.
Register to join the class here. The Zoom link is in the weekly Kehillah email.
Have the Cantilation Cafe open in another tab.

Hebrew Specialists

Students are assigned to specific days and times, recurring weekly. 

Morah Miriam Joseph Students have individual times and Zoom links.
Morah Cherie Holmes Students have individual times and Zoom links.

Noar B'Yachad Grades 7-12
Tuesdays, 6:00-7:45 PM

For all Noar B'Yachad information, click here


Mon, March 8 2021 24 Adar 5781