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At B’nai Israel, we pledge to educate ourselves and pursue justice so that the human rights of all Americans are ensured and protected. We condemn the systemic racism and oppression that has resulted in continued hardship and fear among Blacks, including among Jews of Color. Our plans to fulfill this pledge span all the activities of our congregation, from clergy-level relationships to worship to educational opportunities for children and adults. And, we are working with other synagogues in our community to create a forum where ideas about racial justice can reach those who may be new to exploring them.

Please click on the links below to read more:

Why I, a Minneapolis Rabbi, Changed My Mind About ‘Black Lives Matter’
by Rabbi Avi S. Olitzky 

Statement in Support of Justice – Black and Jewish Clergy Dialogue Group – June 5, 2020

The World Needs More Prophets Shabbat Sermon – Rabbi Michael J. Safra – June 6, 2020

Parashat Baahalotcha Shabbat Sermon- Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz – June 13, 2020

Special Rabbi’s Shabbat Message in Honor of Juneteenth: Black Lives Matter – Rabbi Michael J. Safra – June 19 2020

“Black Lives Matters" Shabbat Sermon – Rabbi Michael J. Safra – June 20, 2020

Letter to Local Law Enforcement – Rabbi Michael J. Safra – June 22, 2020


Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781