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Family Engagement

Our family engagement programs service a wide range of families, including single parents, blended families, empty-nesters, couples without children, and others. We want all members of our congregational community to have the opportunity to learn and grow with their loved ones and peers. We offer events for families around the holidays, lifecycle events and topics related to Jewish living. We encourage parents, grandparents, and caregivers to take advantage of these programs for their own spiritual growth as well as to model Jewish learning for the next generation.

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Sisterhood | Celebration | Torah 

ACHOT is a unique program for mothers and daughters that celebrates the vital roles of Jewish women in community life.  The name is an acronym for Achiyot— sisterhood, Haggigot—celebration, and Torah.  Mothers and daughters share Jewish experiences and learn together through informal study, discussions and activities that promote positive self-image, and meaningful personal goals within a Jewish context.

The program begins before girls enter their Bat Mitzvah year and continues through high school.  ACHOT empowers girls as they become women with positive role models, a strong Jewish identity and connection to Israel, and the tools to make good choices for themselves, for their communities and globally through Sisterhood, Celebration, and Torah.

Each grade specific group meets monthly throughout the school year and is led by designated mother volunteers.  The flexible curriculum allows each group to decide when and how long to meet.

Sample programming includes: 
Shabbat dinners
Girl-led Book Clubs
What would Queen Esther say?
Bodies of Water Mikvah program
What’s Jewish about Mother’s Day?

Wed, February 28 2024 19 Adar I 5784