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Hineini 2023-2024 Thank You Reception and Honor Roll

With thanks to the generosity of hundreds of B'nai Israel members, our synagogue remains on a strong foundation as we approach our 100th anniversary in 2025. Thank you to our congregation for your generosity!

To celebrate and honor this commitment to our community, all supporters of our
2024–2025 Hineini Annual Campaign are invited to a special event:

 Susan and Rob Loewy, Hineini Campaign Chairs
Jessica Lieberman, VP of Development
Avery Sudow, Communications and Development Director (contact for any questions)

We are delighted to recognize the 2023–2024 Hineini Campaign participants. We sincerely appreciate their dedication and generous commitment to B’nai Israel and thank them for sustaining and strengthening our synagogue.

Jeff Fredman, President
Jessica Lieberman, VP Development

Leadership Circle ($5,000 & above)

David Baum
Gary and Carol Berman
Vicki Berman & Yeheskel Dori
Jennifer Cassell
Yvonne Schlafstein Distenfeld 
and Jeffrey Distenfeld
Thelma Fisher
Elaine Goodman
Randy and Don Greenberg
Irene and Edward Kaplan
Thelma Lenkin
Ellen and Stuart Lessans
Susan and Robert Loewy
Karen Post and Jonathan Nevett
Mindy and Charles Postal
Abby and Philip Rogers
Diane and Howard Schilit
Susan and Laurence Schor
Marla and Bruce Schulman
Sheryl and Bradley Schwartz
Rita and Chester Stein
Marjorie and Brian Tommer
June and David Trone
Nanci and Jay Wechsler
Nancy and Mark Weinberger

Sustainer Circle ($1000–$4,999)

Vickie Abrutyn
Rebecca Ravski and Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz
Edith Black
Michael Chernicoff and
Cantor Sarah Bolts
Lora and Gary Byala
Myra and Richard Cohen
Albert Schmelzer and Tirza Covel
Dr. Joanne and Dr. Frank Crantz
Kathy and Morris Dweck
Nava and Ronald Dweck
Susan Dweck
Diane and Charles Edwards
Nancy Abramowitz and
Mark Ellenberg
Wendy Fanaroff
Elinor and Michael Flyer
Robert Fonner
Carole and Barry Forman
Debra and Jeffrey Fredman
Harriet and Gregory Friedman
Ellen and David Ginsberg
Philip Goldman
Stephanie and Fred Goodman
Beth and Nathan Greenbaum
Audrey and Bertram Greenberg
Dr. Patricia Greenwel-Rojkind
Anita and David Gross
Dina Cohen Gruber and
Jay Gruber
Rochelle and Scott Hodes
Deedee and Jeremy Jacobsohn
Shelley Honikman and
Anne Jarrett
Sherry and Stuart Kaswell
Deborah and Jeffrey King
Susan and Dr. Milton Koch
Barbara and Dr. Jerome Kopelman
Sarah and Douglas Kotlove
Tracy and Stefan Krantz
Marjorie and Dr. Lawrence Kravitz
Diane Lane
Judith and Harry Lapping
Suzanne Wandersman and Denise Leish
Robin and Craig Lenkin
Harriet Levi
Suzanne and Solomon Levy
Jessica and Aaron Lieberman
Phyllis and Dr. Ira Lieberman
Dina and Alan Lipschultz
Jane and Joel Lubin
Dr. Jennifer and Craig Meyers
Phyllis and Ted Meyerson
Dr. Gail and Ronald Minsk
Linda and Benjamin Molayem
Irma Morton-Goff and
Dale Morton
Rachel and Hal Ossman
Frances and Barrett Penan
Sherri Gollins and
Cantor Josh Perlman
Linda and Jeffrey Reisner
Ruth and Andrew Ritwo
Richard Rose
Sylvia and Irwin Rosenthal
Dr. Sara Rubinow Simon
Sharon and Rabbi Michael Safra
Beverly and Rabbi Jonathan Schnitzer
Estelle Schwalb
Adrienne and Michael Selis
Roberta and Lawrence Shulman
Susan Brinn Siegel and
David Siegel
Ruth and Jay Silberg
Rachel and Brian Singer
Amy and Craig Strent
Avery and Noah Sudow
Susan and Richard Taffet
Cara and Marc Tommer
Ruth and Frank Vernet
Sherry and Lawrence Wachtel
Marilyn and Mark Wetterhahn

Supporter Circle ($500–$999)

Dr. Lillian Abensohn
Gloria and Michael Ackerman
Robert Benna
Bonnie and Robert Chernikoff
Kimberly and Steven Cohen
Linda and Andrew Dagen
Rona and George Eisenberger
Joey Franco
Harriet and Theodore Fredman
Deborah and Daniel Glazer
Eleanor and Dr. Michael Goode
Katherine and David Hatwell
Rita Hoffman
Dr. Kim Lee Sim and Dr. Stephen Hoffman
Ann Jacobs
Fonda and Feffrey Lowe
Arleen and Lorin Luchs
Elise Kleinwaks and Eric Luftman
Dana Lande and Avidan Meyerstein
Dr. Karen and Rabbi James Michaels
Rina and Dr. Sylvan Mintz
Mincy Neil
Patricia and Arthur Neustadt
Judith and Evan Novenstein
Nancy and Dr. Gerald Reed
Naomi and Richard Resnick
Linda and Richard Rosenbluth
Alisa and Aaron Rulnick
Judith Saks
Rene Schecker
Jodi and Mark Shulimson
Anne and Norman Silberman
Michele and Thomas Sudow
Audrey and Barry Suskind
Bluma and Dr. Jeffrey Sussman
Dr. Gerald Wolf

Builder Circle ($180–$499)

Dr. Morton Alterman
Bonnie and Robert Altneu
Pamela and Ian Arwas
Bernice and Dr. Gilbert August
Judith Avrunin
Catherine and David Axel
Joyce and Joseph Band
Ilene and Irwin Barney
Francine and Wayne Benjamin
Isaac Benkin
Judith and Larry Berg
Stephanie Mensh and Paul Berger
Leslie and Mark Berlin
Ann Berman
Carol and Gary Berman
Denise and Wayne Berman
Dr. Haidee Bernstein
Dr. Nancy and Ernst Billig
Dr. Leonard Binn
Roslyn and Robert Black
Lynn and Wolf Blitzer
Diane Boehr
Elaine and Dr. Martin Book
Juliann Goldman and Kenneth Brown
Barry Buchman
Lisa and Lawrence Cines
Marjorie and Jamie Cohen
Barbara and Richard Daumit
Bonnie and Dr. Craig Dickman
Joyce Dubow
Donna Eckert
Ellen Rice and Daniel Fisher
Jo-Ann and Dr. Nicholas Fleischer
Judith and H. Richard Freeman

Builder Circle ($180–$499) continued

Sharyn and Arthur Fuchs
Lesley and Robert Gasperow
Marjorie and Robert Gertner
Karen and Manny Gerton
Paul Foldi and Bonnie Glick
Margaret and Marc Gold
Sandord Gold
Victoria and Jonathan Goldberg
Vicki and Dr. Paul Goldberg
Marjorie and Stephen Goldberg
Patti and Michael Goldman
Rochelle Gomes
Donald Goodman
Amy Gordon
Ilene Gruenfeld
Amy Gudelsky
Marion and Andrew Haberman
Dr. Marni Hall
Herbert Halperin
Alice Harris
Dr. Stephanie and Richard Hart
Carol and Barry Hartman
Rita Hatwell
Dr. Steven Hausman
Laurence Herman
Barbara and Allan Hoberman
Barbara and Allan Hurwitz
Alan and Alisa Isenberg
Paulette and Joshua Kaffee
Dr. J. Steven Kahan
Linda and John Karesh
Dr. Julia Katzen
Marcia and Bruce Kay
Elaine and Dr. Steven Keller
Dr. Marcia and Dr. Robert Kerchner
Jill and Andrew Klein
Dr. Robin and Dr. Scott Koenig
Anita Kornbluth
Debra and Weston Kosova
Emily and Stanley Kotler
Joan and Harold Krauthamer
Jill Furman and Daniel Lacortez
Stefanie and Frederic Langsam
Susan and Brett Lazerus
Stephanie and Adam Lenkin
Marcia and Dr. Jules Levine
Shirley Light
Mindy and Dr. Steven Maggid
Silvia Mandler
Sharon and Michael Meliker
Lisa and David Merkin
Andra and Stephen Metz
Lisa and Michael Miller
Susan and Dr. Joseph Milzman
Mindy and Dr. Lawrence Nadel
Martie and Dr. Jack Nebb
Jessica and Jason Neuringer
Martha Nudel
Mike Teller and Madeline Pellish
Marcie and Craig Peters
Dr. Marci and Dr. Adam Possner
Stanley Ratner
Beverly and Dr. Joel Reiskin
Alexis and Jeremy Robbins
Cheryl and Bernard Rod
Deborah and Nicholas Rodin
Linda and Barry Rosenberg
Gerald Rosenkrantz
Morey Rosner
Amy Rosselle and Robert Kallman
Randi and Dr. Russell Rothenberg
Anne and Dr. Robert Rubinovitz
Lisa and Bradley Sachar
Hortensia Saginor
Jenna and Jonathan Schilit
Putnimit and Joel Schwartz
Sarit Scott and Russell Scott, Jr.
Nancy Shapiro
Gail and Dr. Peter Sherer
Lauren and Adam Sherman
Dr. Barbara and Andrew Ship
Leslie and Gerald Solomon
Liz and Gary Stein
Dr Tania Condarco and Elliott Stern
Debra and Dan Stillman
Shaul Janes and Rabbi Cheryl Stone
Charlotte Streidel
Robert Tebeleff
Miriam and Sheldon Tommer
Linda and Lawrence Trope
Sandra and Dr. Kenneth Ullman
Carol and Dr. Donald Vogel
Sheri Steisel-Weiss and Andrew Weiss
Judith and Arnold Westerman
Susan Weinmann and Michael Wilcove
Erin and Benjamin Willcher
Deborah Wolfman
Dr. Sam Zaremba
Leah and Allan Zendel
Pamela and Joel Zingeser
Anna and Jason Zuckerman

Friends ($18–$179)

Anne and Dr. Jeffrey Abend
Harriet Albersheim
Harriet and Morris Altschuler
Melissa and Darren Ash
Bill Bakshi
Debbie Band
Eugene Becker
Rachel Becker
Leah and Jeremy Belin
Deborah and Burman Berger
Karen Bolnick
Barbara and Stewart Bushman
Dr. Penelope and Dr. Michael Bustin
Shari and David Carmen
Michael Chernikoff
Deborah Cohen
Sharon Doner
Cindy and Glenn Easton
Melissa Segal and Seth Edlavitch
Joan and Emanuel Eisenfeld
Jennifer and Joel Eisenfeld
Ruth Elenberg-Eisenberg
Tamar and Justin Epner
Dr. Michael Eppel
Paula Evans
Shelly Finkel
Kathleen Watson and Lawrence Fishbein
Sheila Franks
Charlotte Freeman
David Geber
Rina and Joseph Gelman
Sharon Glickman
Debra Nachmann and Jonathan Gold
Sheryl Katzman and Elliott Goldberg
Audrey and Joel Goldberg
Joan and Jerry Goldstein
Marc Gordon
Kay and Barry Greenberg
Jaye and Robert Greenfest
Hillary and Brian Gruber
Barbara and Andrew Halpern
Melvin Halpern
Margaret Hanerfeld
Gina and Bram Hass
Michael Heiserman
Linda and Charles Heller
Deborah and Dr. Michael Herbst
Deborah and Perry Immerman
Stacy Immerman
Brenda and Herbert Jacobson
Dr. Susan and Ira Jaffe
Daniel Amodeo and Ilana Jolson
Adi and Josh Kaner
Mona Chase and Robert Kaplan
Gayle and Ted Kaplan
Lara and Kenneth Kaufmann
Sharlene and Albert Klotz
Rena and Joshua Kramer
Norma Krupenie
Toby Newman-Kullback and Dr. Joseph Kullback
Selma Kunitz
Patricia Hoff and Michael Kurman
Marjorie and Arthur Lappen
Susan and Eric Lawrence
Charlotte Lazrus
Agnes and Alan Leshner
Susan and Lawrence Lesser
E.J. Levine
Sharon and Stephen Levine
Jeffrey Rubenstein and Dr. Rebecca Levitt
Bruce Lewis
Judith Magiday
Clara and Avi Margolis
Amy and Dr. Benyamin Margolis
Sarah and Evan Milberg
Cheryl and Steven Morris
Sharon Seidel Moss and Stephen Moss
Alissa Neil
Gail and Arthur Nimetz
Brenda Pascal
Dr. Peggy Pearlstein
Harriet Platt
Jean Polatsek
Karen Foxman and Jeffrey Pollak
Tovah Reis
Bertram Rothenberg
Dr. Adrienne and Rabbi Arthur Rulnick
Carol and Stanley Sachar
Randy Sager
Bonnie Cole and Jonathan Salant
Dr. Edward Saloman
Lynne Schaffer
Andrew Schechter
Rebecca and Eric Scherr
Gail Schwartz
Pamela and Stuart Shalloway
Joel Shankman
Cheryl and Jason Sheer
Beth and Richard Sheer
Nava and Dr. Michael Shlesinger
Lisa and Richard Shofnos
Lisa and Andrew Shulman
Marjory and Alan Siegel
Marilyn Silberglied
Harriet and Dr. Harvey Stein
Harriette and Barry Steine
Rinat Glinert and Zachary Stern
Dr. Daniel Markey and Robyn Strauss
Rachel and Douglas Sunshine
Rebecca Taffet
Esther Teller
Neil Tender
Leslie Terner
Eddi Tisch
Ted Cohen and Meda Turetsky
Rachel and David Weinstein
Elizabeth and Philip Weintraub
Rabbi Bernice Weiss
Signe and Dr. Leon Wetrogan
Lori Zobler
Steven Zohler
Joanne and Steven Zuckerman

The "Thank You" Reception is for supporters of 
B'nai Israel's 2023–2024 Hineini Annual Campaign.

It is not too late to participate if you have not yet done so! 
Please click below to donate today—thank you!

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784