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Mahzorim for the high holidays at b'nai israel

B’nai Israel uses Mahzor Lev Shalem for our High Holiday services. We have information on three options to access the Mahzor this year: Purchase, Borrow, or Access Online.

Option One

PURCHASE a Mahzor Lev Salem at a Discount from the Rabbinical Assembly - REGULAR DELIVERY IS NO LONGER BEING GUARANTEED BEFORE THE HOLIDAY. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own your own high holiday Mahzor? The Rabbinical Assembly is offering Mahzorim at a 40 percent discount until August 20th. Order as soon as possible to ensure delivery before Rosh Hashanah. Contact or 201-216-9400 ext. 2 with any questions. 
Click here to order regular print.

Click here to order large print. 


Option Two

BORROW a Mahzor from B’nai Israel - To borrow a Mazhor, you must fill out this form by September 8. 

If you would like to borrow a Mahzor, B’nai Israel members may “checkout” up to two per household, either regular print or large print (limited quantities). Requests must be made by September 8. Pick up dates are on Sunday, September 6 from 4:15-5:45 PM and Monday, September 14 from 10-11:30 AM. 

For return purposes, we will have several drop off dates and times. Any Mahzorim not returned by November 15 will be charged to your B’nai Israel account at a rate of $40 for a regular Mahzor and $65 for large print.

If you do not drive or need assistance getting a Mahzor, please call Jill Gendelman at 301-984-3249.

To borrow a Mazhor, you must fill out this form by September 8. 


Option Three

ACCESS ONLINE (Need help? Watch this "How To" video!)

Finally, B’nai Israel has assured licenses for our members to access the Mahzor digitally. It will be the entire volume. We recommend that if you choose to access the Mahzor digitally that you have two devices on hand for the holidays—one to view the B’nai Israel livestream service and one to access the Mahzor

To access the digital mahzor, please go to and enter the code N3QFHBEY.

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Thu, February 29 2024 20 Adar I 5784