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Updates from Uriel Lin, Congregational Shlicha

October 11, 2023

Dear B'nai Israel,

I would like to start by thanking all the caring members of our community that reached out to me and checked on me and my family. It is such a horrible time, having my entire family in Israel, and it is such a comfort to be surrounded by the B’nai Israel family.

I have been walking like a zombie the past four days, trying to reclaim reality and wake up from this nightmare. But writing this is a painful pinch to myself, reminding me that this is our reality. That all hell broke loose four days ago. The most despicable, atrocious war crimes occurred simultaneously, leaving our dear country of Israel devastated. I am trying to stay strong and be that source for our community, but the horrible sights rot the soul. Our people are so incredibly strong, so incredibly noble.

Without hesitation, people went on civil rescue and volunteer missions. I am so proud that my parents serve in the village’s security force and have volunteered with the police for many years, of my siblings who serve in reserves and donate blood, of my cousins who serve on the front line, and of my friends who are serving their country.

I really miss my parents and family in Israel. I cannot think of them without tearing up. There are too many stories that are too hard to tell, too close to home. My dear friend, whom I just introduced to our 3rd graders in a recent lesson together, lives in Kibbutz Magen and was locked in her shelter by herself while terrorists infiltrated nearby. My cousin was injured while on a police mission. I pray every day that the worst is behind us.

This tragedy is not a “conflict;” it is about human rights. It is the responsibility of every person in the world right now to stand up against darkness and evil.

Israel needs the world now more than ever before. I need you more than ever. I find comfort in this devastating time knowing that I can help from here, connect our community to what is done, and to ways we can help. The United States has had a historical role in helping Israel prevail, and it is in the hands of each one of us to help.

I will gather and list ways to connect, discuss, and share emotions. In addition to everything that has already been shared with the congregation, my cousin established a special fund to raise money for necessary gear and supplies. Those will be sent, among others, to my younger cousin who serves in the front in Gaza as an officer in the Nahal Brigade. The purchase of supplies is coordinated with the Ministry of Defense, and according to the IDF protocols.

You can donate to that fund here:

Our people, their light, will continue to shine through the darkest times. I am so proud of my nation, it is beyond words. Praying for better times to come soon.

Uriel Lin
B’nai Israel Congregational Shlicha


A video message from our very own Shlicha Uriel Lin has been featured by the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

Thank you to Uriel for sharing her story surrounding the crisis in Israel. Uriel came to Greater Washington and B'nai Israel to support our community from a small agricultural moshav (cooperative agricultural settlement) in Israel called Beit Ela’zari.

Click here to view: A Message from Uriel Lin - YouTube


Office Hour: Listening and Processing The Situation In Israel With Rabbi Michael Safra and Uriel Lin, Congregational Shlicha 
Thursday, November 2
12:30 PM
Join us for a virtual office hour as we listen and process the situation in Israel with Rabbi Michael Safra and Uriel Lin, Congregational Shlicha. We will also be joined by Rabbi Arnie Bender of our sister congregation Kehilat Yaar Ramot in Jerusalem, and Tamar Sommer, our former Shlicha. Click here to register.

B'nai Israel Teen Check-In
Sunday, November 5
12:30 PM
We all feel the rise of antisemitism in the area. Following recent events in our high schools, we would like to invite our teens for lunch and check-in. Pizza will be served followed by a group check-in with Lily, Youth Coordinator, and Uriel, Congregational Shlicha. Click here to register.


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